Whilst all club members have a love of flowers and attend meetings to enjoy the skill and artistry of the demonstrators some also take their ideas on board and arrange in their own homes, whilst others also arrange in their local churches.  Some members regularly arrange in public places such as Ely Cathedral and Anglesey Abbey.


A few of the members' arrangements are in the “Members Arrangements” sub-menu of “Gallery”.


The club participates in local flower festivals such as Ely in 2013 & 2018 and Bury St Edmunds in 2014.  Club members’ contributions are shown in the “Flower Festivals” sub-menu.


Members of the club were also involved in the NAFAS promoted "Lonely Bouquets" concept and some of these can be seen in the sub-menu.


Each image can be enlarged by clicking on the thumbnail image.


Also included are samples of the arrangements from meetings both those of the demonstrators and members in club workshops.  Over time this will build further.