Lonely Bouquets

The random act of kindness initiative dubbed the ‘Lonely Bouquet’ was the brainchild of a young florist in Belgium named Emily Avenso, who blogged about the idea after leaving flowers for strangers three years ago.  The idea went viral and ‘Lonely Bouquets’ have been distributed across the globe ever since.

NAFAS took the concept one step further with the help of its members and distributed thousands of bouquets.  At the time Sue Brinton, Chairwoman of NAFAS, commented, “The concept is simple. We are asking all our members to make a bouquet, attach a tag asking, ‘Take me home and adopt me’, and leave the Lonely Bouquet in a spot where a lucky stranger will find it and give it a new home. With over 60,000 members we hope we will be able to communicate our love of flowers on a national level by becoming part of this great, heart-warming movement”

The concept has continued and here are a few of the bouquets made by members of Burwell and District Flower Club.

In 2017 the WI joined NAFAS in this nationwide event. 



Burwell and District Flower Club Lonely Bouquets